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  • 17Nov

    5 Steps to Get Through a Divorce Without A Family Lawyer

    Going through a divorce can be a very upsetting and stressful time for everyone involved; this is why it is important that it is over as soon as possible. You can either choose to settle your divorce as a couple or you can choose to go to a family solicitor who will discuss your options and help you both settle your divorce fairly. If you believe you both can be civil enough to settle your divorce fairly as the two of you, it is much easier this way. To help settle the divorce as quickly and as simply as possible follow these steps:


    The first step towards settling your divorce is by discussing your options. You should discuss what you believe is to be the cause of the divorce. Throughout the discussion you will both need to agree to be as fair as possible to settle the divorce as quickly as possible. As well as discussing the cause of the marriage breakdown, you will also need to discuss what is going to happen in the future. You should talk about your children and how this is going to affect them and how to make as little negative impact on them as possible. You should also discuss your options with the family home and your joint finances.


    Once you have discussed all your issues, you will then have to make an agreement. You will need to agree your future living arrangements, and this includes your children if you have any. You should also agree on what is going to happen with the family home and joint finances. If you are finding it too difficult to come to a joint agreement on these issues, then you are able to get some third party help.

    Third Party

    If you believe that you can settle your divorce without a family lawyer but do need some extra help, you can get services from different lawyers such as family solicitor Brighton will offer a mediator. The mediator will help you both come together calmly to make a fair agreement. The mediator will advise you on the situation to help you come to a fair agreement.


    Once you have both come to a fair agreement, you should both then together draw up a contract. This contract will sum up what you have agreed verbally to ensure that none of the arrangements can be changed. This contract should be read to a third party person and you should all be present to sign the contract.

    Obtain the Divorce

    Once you have made all your decisions to do with the divorce, it is now time for you to obtain your divorce. You will have to write a letter to the courts explaining that you want to be granted a divorce; you should also explain the grounds which you are applying for a divorce on.

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