• 11Dec

    Silver As An Investment Vehicle

    Diversifying your portfolio and adding new types of investments is essential to growing your assets and earning more money.  It’s important that you have different types of investments to protect you against losing your money if something happens to one specific kind.  For example, if all your money is invested through stock in one company, and the company goes under, you have essentially lost all your money.  Many people are turning to tangible investments such as gold and silver to ensure that their money is safe in the event of a stock market crash.  While stocks while typically rebound eventually, investing in gold and silver doesn’t leave you with the same kind of worry you have with other investments.

    Demand For Silver Is Up And Rising

    In the country of China alone, 100 million ounces of silver was exported in past years.  In the current year, they have imported 112 million ounces.  Figure in the current silver market, and that is a twenty percent increase.  In just two months, the United States mint sold as many silver dollars as they sold of gold.  With the increase in demand, silver is becoming more and more popular as the more affordable investment for those who are looking for something other than investing in the stock market.

    Silver Shortage

    Along with an increase in demand, there are indications that a silver shortage is coming quickly.  When a purchase is made, the silver may not be minted until several weeks after the purchase, which indicates that there is not an immediate supply of silver available for purchase.  Where there is a shortage of a commodity, it becomes more valuable.  As more people are looking to invest in silver, there is less silver available, and therefore it becomes more valuable.

    Governments Printing More Money

    With the current economic state of the world, many governments are simply printing more money to deal with their individual crises.  When governments print more money, it becomes less and less valuable.  Fortunately, silver protects against the disadvantages of inflation, and stays valuable even as the dollar becomes less valuable.  In the last 100 years, the United States dollar has lost almost 95% of its value.  At this current rate, over the next 100 years, the dollar will continue to depreciate, and precious metals such as gold and silver will become more and more valuable.

    Technological Demand

    Silver is used today in the making of many different devices.  Many cell phones and handheld devices that are considered necessary by most people have some type of silver in them.  As the technological demand increases, silver becomes more valuable.  In 2010, the industrial production of silver was up 18% simply from the demand from the technological sector of the world.  Silver also has many antibiotic properties, and it is widely believed that it will be used more in healthcare as time goes on.

    Why You Should Buy Silver Bullion

    Silver is a sound investment, and much less expensive than gold.  When you purchase silver, you are investing in a precious metal that is believed by most experts to be continually gaining value in the world.  Silver is also used worldwide, and is useful in all countries.  If you are looking for a way to diversify your portfolio and ensure that you have money for the future, start researching where to buy silver coins immediately.

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